The Future of AI and Finance

Learn from a Fintech Startup Success Story

[August 2023- Coral Ways, Miami, FL ]

On Thursday, August 3, 2023, the Miami AI Club held its second meetup and welcomed more than 40 attendees to its first in-person event since the pandemic. The lively and interactive session was made possible by the generous support of Center for Social Change, Ivan Dynamo De Jesus, Will and Elvis, who helped the club rearrange the conference room to fit everyone.

The night’s speaker was Yoel Gavlovski, the founder and CEO of QUASH, a solution that uses auto-machine learning and alternative data points to assess credit applicants for financial institutions. Yoel shared his journey of starting his company, choosing this problem, overcoming challenges, acquiring customers, scaling his business, and more. He also answered many questions from the audience, who were eager to learn about his technology, his vision, and his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

I moderated the event and Sara Zargaran assisted with the logistics and coordination.

The meetup drew a diverse crowd of people interested in artificial intelligence, such as full stack developers, data scientists, IT managers, founders, CEOs, tech evangelists, and more. The attendees engaged in a lot of brainstorming and fascinating conversations that were recorded and uploaded on YouTube. The event went on for over four hours, well past its scheduled end time of 9 pm. The room was filled with energy and enthusiasm.

If you missed the second meetup or want to watch it again, you can check out the 3 videos Sara recorded on YouTube:

We also launched a DISCORD Channel to facilitate the communication among the Club. Please join:

In addition a few of us will be working on the first group project of Miami AI Club. It’s a chatbot to service miami-dade residents about residential solar. If you are interested, send a message on DISCORD:

The next event is scheduled for 9/11 at 7 PM. It’s about AI and Healthcare. We will announce the details in a few days.

You can also use the message board of the Miami AI Club on Meetup to stay updated on future events and activities. We hope to see you at our next meetup! 😊

p.s. The Miami AI Club is a thriving community that aims to connect, educate, and inspire people who are passionate about artificial intelligence. The club organizes regular meetups where speakers from different backgrounds and domains share their insights and experiences with AI. The club also provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and learning among its members.