AI HealthRush

In pivotal times AI HealthRush was a pivotal event!

In September 2023, Miami AI Club hosted a special event, AI HealthRush. It was a pivotal event in the evolution of Miami AI Club from a meetup group to a mission-driven community. It was packed with AI enthusiasts, knowledge (we literally created the base for what will be the next trillion dollar company, which might be one of us, or maybe a collaboration of us?) and positive energy (from having a 60-second group meditation for 9/11 victims and victims of war, terrorism and violence, to discussing why it’s important to be conscious, determined and united). It was also a pivotal event because we found our niche, our identity. We want to be the TED Talk of AI, supercharged. why supercharged? because we want to do action on top of just knowledge. We want to make a positive impact through AI by sharing knowledge and collaboration.

AI HealthRush- Catch the Wave

On September 11th, 2023, Miami AI Club hosted a special event featuring three amazing panelists who discussed how AI is changing the healthcare industry for the better. The panelists were:

  • Noel J. Guillama-Alvarez, Chairman and CEO of OXIO Health, Inc., a hybrid healthcare company that merges patient care with technology innovations. He was the founder and former CEO of Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc., one of Florida’s largest healthcare management companies. He is on the board of directors at Florida International University and is a vice chairman of Palm Beach State College Foundation, Inc. He has implemented AI solutions in many medical practices to improve patient outcomes and efficiency.
  • Ivan Dynamo De Jesus, CEO of AXEN Health, Inc., a company that is revolutionizing the healthcare model from reactive ‘sick-care’ to proactive preventative ‘wellness-care’. He is also a partner at Impact Invest Corp, an ESG Venture Capital Fund that invests in healthcare, real estate, and technology. He has a wealth of experience in acquiring and managing healthcare practices across Florida and making them more profitable and patient-centered. He is using AI and other technologies to shift the healthcare paradigm and empower patients to take charge of their own health.
  • Severence MacLaughlin, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of DeLorean Artificial Intelligence, a startup that produces sentient and semi-sentient systems of intelligence for various markets. He is the creator of one of the most powerful predictive models in healthcare that can use AI to forecast with 85% accuracy if a patient will have a heart attack in 3 months. He is also one of the top ranked Life Sciences/Healthcare Data Scientists globally and a former Chief of Intelligence at Capgemini. He is applying AI to solve some of the most challenging problems in healthcare and save lives.

The panel was moderated by Nima Schei, M.D., CEO and founder of Hummingbirds AI. He is a former medical doctor, a neuroscientist, and the creator of Brain Emotional Learning algorithm. Hummingbirds AI’s GuacamoleID is boosting the security and efficiency of health operations by automating access to computers through Vision AI. He used his background as a medical doctor and an AI entrepreneur to ask insightful questions and facilitate a lively discussion.

The panelists shared their insights and experiences on how AI can benefit thousands of patients, providers, and payers in the healthcare sector. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities of AI adoption in healthcare, as well as the ethical and social implications of AI in healthcare. The event was a great opportunity to learn from some of the leading experts and innovators in the field of AI and healthcare.

These are the 5 questions Nima Schei asked the panel:

1- Andreessen Horowitz calls the biggest company in the world would be a consumer health tech company, and although tech companies are fighting to dominate the healthcare market that company is not Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple, or even the largest healthcare company, United Health. How do you envision AI will play a role in the future “biggest company of the world”?

2- The U.S. far outspends every other wealthy country in the world, a $4 trillion American industry that makes up 20% of US GDP; yet has the lowest life expectancy among large, wealthy countries, and it’s only getting worse. What’s the source of the problem and how do you approach solving this through AI?

3-  With the life expectancy of Americans falling by 2.7 years since 2019, how value-based care can improve patient outcomes and how does AI play a role in that?

4- Walmart is negotiating with ChenMed to buy a majority stake in our local healthcare provider for billions of dollars. This is a continuation of the M&A trend we see with Amazon buying One Medical, and CVS and Wallgreens buying Oak Street and City MD. How much acquiring patient data to create better medical AI models is the force behind these M&As?

5- Burnout is a major problem in the healthcare workforce. Two-thirds of nurses in ICUs experience burnout symptoms. What other AI technologies do you see play a role in reducing burnout and improving work efficiency?

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Monday, September 11, 2023

Jass Kitchen, Design District, Miami

Photography: Karime Arabia Photography

Sponsored By Hummingbirds AI & Axen Health