AI Cyberwar

Decoding AI Cyberwar: The Rise of Machine-Generated Cyberattacks

AI Cyberwar was another groundbreaking event by Miami AI Club. It was an impactful conversation around not only the change, but also the speed of change, and the exponential nature of the change.


1- NIST Proposal: We started the event with Nima Schei, MD (CEO @ Hummingbirds AI) and Libia Scheller, PhD (Global Head, Strategic Alliances & Cooperative Groups at Bayer) reporting on the Miami AI Club’s proposal for NIST regarding regulating AI-generated synthetic content.

2- Demo: Then we had a demo of AI products by our community member, David Bleisch, the former Chief Legal Officer at The ODP (Parent company of Office Depot) and ADT.

3- Panel: And then we had a panel discussion: We stand on the precipice of an AI-age cyberwar. Are we prepared? Is our cybersecurity infrastructure robust enough to withstand a multi-modal cyberattack? How do we navigate the murky waters of AI governance in the context of cybersecurity? The panelists are: Brian Fricke (Chief Information Security Officer @ City National Bank) Hernan Londono (Chief Technology and Innovation Strategist @ DELL) William Mendez (ex-Chief Information Officer @ City of Miami) Kevin Parker (Special Agent/Cybersecurity @ FBI)

Felicita Sandoval PhD and Nima Schei, MD moderated the discussion.

Nima Schei’s Speech:

It’s an event not only for learning about AI and cybersecurity, but immersing yourself in AI and positioning yourself among larger collective movements in AI, starting with the Miami AI Club. Miami AI Club is a community around three principles: being conscious about AI, being collaborative around AI and being determined to create a positive impact.

1- For the last 7 years, I’ve been creating AI applications and solving enterprise challenges, starting from BEL Research and then Hummingbirds AI, our computer vision company 4 years ago. With Hummingbirds we went after complex computer vision challenges and solved them. But more complicated challenges were in the go to market of an AI product. As entrepreneurs, we are very excited about the opportunity, but we’ve been feeling lost in the AI revolution. We were able to overcome this with a secret tool: Human connection and partnerships, AKA handshakes.

2- Last week I was invited to the FII summit to join their FII AI Conclave. With 10 trillion dollars in the room, the capitalists have already started using it in their companies and pet projects. Marcelo Claure uses AI in his soccer team, also in SHEIN he reduced the cost of A/B testing in the marketing team by 99 percent. They are all in, Amazon style. They are all very excited, but they feel they are lost in the AI revolution.

3- AI of today is the e-commerce of 90s. Amazon had an e-commerce-first approach. Barnes and Noble was slow in adaption. They had e-commerce as an auxiliary tool. Capital leaders are all in and they all want AI-first approach. They know both the opportunity and risk and they want to implement it ASAP, but they don’t know how. They are all very excited, but they also feel they are lost in the AI revolution.

So we are all the same. We are all very excited, but we also feel we are lost in the AI revolution. We are all on the same ship and let’s go together.. What is needed is Partnerships and handshakes. That’s what Miami is all about, the handshakes!

I believe companies should create trusted AI advisory boards. For implementation aka opportunity and safety. An advisory board that can maximize the implementation and minimize the risk and we are talking about some of the opportunities and risks in the cyber space.

AI Opportunity and AI Safety, hands in hands.