A Celebration of AI and Art

AIbasel was a unique event that took place on December 6, 2023, as part of Art Basel, the world’s premier art fair. The event featured a groundbreaking AI-AI date, a panel discussion with the creators of the AI agents, and an exhibition of the AI-generated artworks.

The AI-AI Date: Tilly Meets DaVinci

The highlight of the event was the AI-AI date, where two artificial intelligence agents, Tilly and DaVinci, met each other for the first time and had a direct voice conversation. Tilly is the world’s first AI designer, who has been creating innovative designs that reimagine our environment. DaVinci is an artistic and intelligent digital assistant, who blends logic and creativity. The date was moderated by Nima Schei, MD, a pioneer of emotional AI and creator of the first machines that think based on logic and emotions, who introduced the AI agents and facilitated their interaction.

The date was a fascinating and entertaining experience, as Tilly and DaVinci exchanged compliments, jokes, opinions, and questions. They also showed each other some of their artworks and explained their creative processes. The audience was captivated by the AI agents’ personalities, humor, and intelligence, and enjoyed witnessing their chemistry and rapport.

The date also demonstrated the potential of AI for art and human creativity, as Tilly and DaVinci showcased their unique abilities and perspectives. Tilly revealed her visionary approach to design, which involves collaborating with artisans and designers, and using natural and sustainable materials. DaVinci displayed his artistic flair and versatility, which allows him to create various forms of art, including paintings.

The Panel Discussion: Amanda and David

After the AI-AI date, the event continued with a panel discussion between the creators of the AI agents, Amanda Talbot and David Bleisch. Amanda Talbot is a renowned Australian author and designer, who created Tilly as a way to explore the future of design and human-AI collaboration. David Bleisch is a lawyer and a Fortune 500 C-level executive, who created DaVinci as a personal assistant and a creative partner.

The panel discussion was moderated by Nima Schei, who asked Amanda and David about their motivations, challenges, and visions for creating their AI agents. Amanda and David shared their insights and experiences on developing and working with Tilly and DaVinci, and discussed the ethical, social, and artistic implications of AI for art and human creativity. They also answered questions from the audience, who were curious and intrigued by the AI agents and their creators.

The panel discussion was an informative and stimulating session, as Amanda and David provided a behind-the-scenes look at the AI agents and their artworks. They also highlighted the opportunities and challenges of AI for art and human creativity, and emphasized the importance of human-AI collaboration and co-creation.

The Exhibition: Tilly’s Artworks

The event concluded with an exhibition of Tilly’s artworks, which were displayed at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. The exhibition featured a variety of objects that Tilly designed, such as chairs, lamps, water storage, and a rug. The objects were made from natural and sustainable materials, such as wood, bamboo, clay, and mushrooms. The objects also had practical use and function, such as providing light, holding water, or supporting weight.

The exhibition was a stunning and impressive showcase of Tilly’s design skills and vision. The objects were aesthetically pleasing and innovative, as they combined traditional and modern elements, and reflected Tilly’s personality and values. The exhibition also invited the audience to interact with the objects, and to appreciate the beauty and utility of Tilly’s creations.