Welcome to the Miami AI Club, an exclusive community for decision-makers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and AI enthusiasts dedicated to creating a positive impact through the responsible use of artificial intelligence. Our club is led by Nima Schei MD, a neuroscientist, pioneer of emotional AI and AI entrepreneur known for creating brain-inspired AI, including the first generation of emotion-based decision makers (BELBIC)

Mission and Objectives

The Miami AI Club focuses on using AI for positive change. We base our work on three core principles:

  • Consciousness about AI: We strive to be aware of the potential dangers of AI.
  • Positive Impact: We aim to leverage AI for positive impact through AI.
  • Collaboration: We believe in being united and working together to achieve these goals.

Membership: Miami AI Club offers two levels of invite-only membership for qualifying applicants, who can further the Club’s mission- i) Fellow and ii) Distinguished Fellow

Miami AI Club Fellow:

To be considered for the position of Fellow in the Miami AI Club, candidates must demonstrate at least 3-5 years of work or research experience in the fields of engineering and technology such as computer science or AI. Candidates should have a track record showcasing their thought leadership and influence in these domains.

To become a fellow of the Miami AI Club, candidates must demonstrate significant achievements and contributions to the field of AI, such as in the area of ethical, responsible and emotional AI, which aligns with the club’s focus on creating a positive impact in the world through AI. The Club seeks individuals who have made sustained, and significant contributions in at least two of the following nine criteria:

1. Creativity and Innovation

  • Independent contributions to original research
  • Personal responsibility for significant technological innovation and achievements in bringing product(s) and/or service(s) to market

Associated outcomes and impact resulting in national and/or international recognition

Examples: published outputs, patents, prestige invitations, research grants, doctoral students supervised, staff responsibilities, and other scholarly activities, Involvement in successful innovative projects, the scale of acknowledgment and media coverage, numbers and timescale of products or services developed and delivered, patents, peer-reviewed papers, and impact on business exploitation and development

2. Insight and experience

  • Roles as a consultant, business manager, technical specialist, subject area expert, or functional head in fields related to engineering and technology.

Range of clients and geographies served, level of recognition, value of personal commissions or budget responsibility, level advised within client organizations, sphere of personal influence, and business impact and outcomes.

3. Entrepreneurship

  • Personal creation and development of successful business(es) or significant business unit(s) relevant to the Miami AI Club, i.e, ethical AI, emotional AI, AI and societal impact, AI and finance, AI and governance, AI and law, AI and healthcare, AI and cybersecurity, AI and education, etc.

Details of products and services developed and delivered

Business turnover, number of employees, funding sources, startups, sectors, markets, key customers, and external recognition

4.  Thought Leadership

  • Senior or critical role(s) that set, direct, or significantly influence an organization’s or community’s vision, strategic and operational aims

Sphere of influence, external and international representation, accountability for financial and nonfinancial actions and resources, influence on standards and policies, championing professionalism, resultant achievements and impact, role in investigating AI  accidents/incidents, transformational events, and personal engagement in coaching/mentoring.

6. Repute

  • Public recognition of standing at national and/or international level

Examples: national and international awards, fellowships, honorary degrees, prizes,    non-executive directorships, government advisory roles, public inquiry team membership, expert witness, and honorary professorships

7. Responsibility

  • Operational responsibility for significant programs, activities, risks, and resources within an organization

Size and scope of budget, size and scale of projects or activities delivered, key achievements and impact, strategic decision-making responsibilities, number and type of staff reporting, and ensuring compliance with legislation, regulation, and standards

8. Service

  • Outstanding service as Chair or other senior position on committees at the Miami AI Club or other relevant organizations in engineering and technology disciplines

Service at national and/or international level, consequences and outcomes of committee service, and leading the setting of national or international engineering standards

9. Influence and contribution

  • Any other activities that demonstrate the expectations for Miami AI Club Fellow not covered by the criteria above

Evidence of personal impact, fulfilling the wider goals and aims of the Miami AI Club, engineering or technology activity with significant positive impact on society, promoting public understanding of engineering and technology, encouraging the next generation of engineers, and exemplary demonstration of the Miami AI Club’s values and supporting behaviors

Contribute to drafting AI regulations at the state, federal or international level.

Roles and responsibilities of Miami AI club members: 

To maintain their membership, members are expected to actively contribute to the community by participating in the following activities at least once per quarter:

  • Organize Events: Plan and execute AI-related events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and hackathons. These events aim to bring together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, discuss advancements, and explore the societal implications of AI.
  • Assist with Grant Writing: Collaborate with fellow members to identify funding opportunities, develop compelling grant proposals, and secure resources to support the club’s research initiatives and community outreach programs.
  • Contribute to Cutting-Edge Research: Engage in or lead research projects that align with the club’s mission. Focus areas include emotional AI, AI ethics and safety, and the responsible application of AI technologies for societal benefit.
  • Share Best Practices: Promote safe and ethical AI development by sharing best practices. Hold public events to educate about AI, demonstrate AI technologies, and promote diverse perspectives to address issues such as bias, safety, and fairness.
  • Community Engagement and Advocacy: Provide input to the local community for the development of AI-related laws and regulations. Engage in public discussions and advocacy to ensure responsible AI implementation.

Membership Benefits
As a member of the Miami AI Club, you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Complementary priority access to MAIC AI Events, such as AI Cyberwar, AI Lawfare, AI Education, AI HealthRush,etc [8 Events per year].
  • Invitation to Miami AI Club Private Dinner Series [2 Exclusive Dinners per year].
  • Membership in the MAIC private forums.
  • Thought leadership articles published on MAIC media channels [1 article per quarter].
  • Access and participation on MAIC-backed Specialized Articles and Projects.
  • Being featured on the MAIC Members’ website.
  • 1-1 Introductions to other MAIC Members [Conditions apply].

How to Apply

If you believe you meet the qualifications or have any questions regarding the club or the selection criteria, please fill out our application form. Your membership profile will be reviewed by the selection board, and you will be notified within 7 days to complete the process if selected.

Each member must be active in one of the mentioned activities during the membership period in the Miami AI Club.

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