Miami AI Club is a private community of decision-makers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate on building a brighter future for all through AI. We explore how to leverage AI in the business while building guardrails to prevent a catastrophic black-swan event.

Our mission is to collaborate to leverage responsible and ethical AI to create a positive impact.

We aim to achieve this based on three principles: To be #Conscious about AI, To be #Determined to create a positive impact and to be #United and collaborate.

The community is led by Nima Schei, MD, a neuroscientist, AI inventor, entrepreneur and creator of BELBIC, the first emotion-based decision maker. Since its open-source release in 2003, BEL classes have gained massive industry adoption with 400+ use cases. Nima is also the creator of Guacamole AI, a group of brain-inspired AI models for efficient vision perception.